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What is a Personal Injury Case?

​​Everyday you or someone you know is involved in an accident involving a car, a truck or  maybe as a pedestrian.  You may have slipped and fell on an unobserved obstruction. Or you may have been bitten by a dog while out for a walk. When a person is injured in one of these accidents, they may have rights to recovery for themselves or a loved one.

When Should I Seek an Lawyer's Help in my case?

As a personal injury victim you may be entitled to compensation for wide variety of damages such as your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. An Experienced Attorney can assist you with the proper assessment of your accident and injuries. Due to the many years of experience in the court system, an experienced attorney knows that no two cases are the same and no two cases can be evaluated the same. The recovery you can receive will vary. An experienced attorney is a great asset to getting all the  you are  entitled to recover.  

Why Is There So Much Advertising for Personal Injury Cases?

The Personal Injury market is flooded with attorney's looking to have clients that will bring them a big recovery and thus a big paycheck. In selecting an attorney you should seek an experienced attorney who treats  you fairly and with respect your case deserves. These type of cases require a personal touch. The amount of advertising and the four color brochures are not a substitute for being able to talk personally with your attorney. 

What is a Case Really Worth?

The specific answer is it depends. The sad truth is the bigger the verdict or settlement amount in these type of cases means that someone is not going to be leading a normal life. Money cannot replace that. Generally, the amount of medical bills, the type of injury and where the accident occurred will have an effect on the amount of recovery. Speaking with an experienced attorney will help you assess the value of your case. 

Does it Matter if I use a Local Attorney or a Big Law Firm?

We like to think that our local attorney's do a great job in representing our clients. Even the big law firms may have a satellite office to service local clientele. You need to be comfortable with your attorney, no matter where he/she has her office. You need to be able to contact them and meet with them.

Personal Injury Cases

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