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What is a Will?

A Will or Last Testament is a legal document where a person puts into writing their wishes for the care of their belongings (Estate) after they pass.  It is a way to insure who will receive the bounty of all your hard work. It is also a way to insure that the state or government does not have a say in how your belongings will be divided. 

What happens if you die without a Will?

If a you die without a Will (Intestate) then the state statutes will decide how your belongings are divided. For example, if you are married with children. Your spouse only inherits half (1/2) of your Estate and your children inherit the other half. If you are not married and have no children, your siblings and parents may divide your Estate. 

Who will take care of Your Children?

A Will can establish who will be the guardians of your children. This is the person who will take care of your minor children. They should be a person who you trust to take care of nurturing your child, raising them as you would and becoming the loving "parent" in their lives. 

What about specific gifts?

A Will can designate items to be given to a specific person(s). This can assist in transferring family heirlooms, or in the case of a blended family, that a specific child is left an item from their respective parent or family. 

What if I have no family members to assist with my Estate and no one to leave my property?

This is an even better reason to have a Will in place. If there is property of any kind to take care of, a person designated by you is a great asset to the Court in closing out your Estate. A close friend can be the Executor or Representative of an Estate. 

IT IS IMPORTANT, no matter the Value of Your Estate, 

that you have a Will in place.

Will or Last Testament

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